Facts on English male film actors

Bob Hope

Was an English-born American comedian and actor who appeared on Broadway,

10 facts about Bob Hope

Ralph Fiennes

Is a British actor who is recognized around the world for playing the iconic role of Lord Voldemort in the “Harry Potter” series.

10 facts about Ralph Fiennes

Daniel Day-Lewis

Is a much revered British actor who has won the Academy Award for Best Actor more times than any other actor in history.

10 facts about Daniel Day-Lewis

Jeremy Irons

Is an English actor who won the Best Actor Oscar in 1990 for the film Reversal Of Fortune where he played the character of Claus von Bulow.

10 facts about Jeremy Irons

Michael Caine

Is a British born actor who has played a wide variety of characters over the course of his career.

10 facts about Michael Caine

Ben Kingsley

Is one of the most popular British actors to grace the silver screen.

10 facts about Ben Kingsley

Christian Bale

Is a talented but controversial actor known for both his on set and off set antics.

10 facts about Christian Bale

Gary Oldman

Is an actor from London who was originally known for playing antagonists and is now also well versed in heroic roles.

10 facts about Gary Oldman

John Gielgud

Is considered to be the most renowned Shakespearean actor in the history of cinema.

10 facts about John Gielgud

John Hurt

Is a very talented British actor who has played a wide variety of diverse roles over the course of his career.

10 facts about John Hurt

Jude Law

Is a popular British actor, director and film producer who is known for his diverse acting roles.

10 facts about Jude Law

Joseph Fiennes

Is an English stage and film actor and younger brother of famous film star Ralph Fiennes.

10 facts about Joseph Fiennes

Hugh Grant

Is a hugely popular, award winning British actor and film producer.

10 facts about Hugh Grant

Peter Sellers

Is a much loved actor best known for his portrayal of Chief Inspector Jack Clouseau in the Pink Panther series.

10 facts about Peter Sellers

Daniel Craig

Is an English-born Hollywood actor best known for his James Bond roles since 2006.

10 facts about Daniel Craig

Clive Owen

Is an English film, television and stage actor.

10 facts about Clive Owen

John Cleese

Is an English actor famous for acting in comedy roles.

10 facts about John Cleese

Ian McKellen

Is a 1939-born popular British theatre and movie actor who was born in Burley, Lancashire.

10 facts about Ian McKellen

Orlando Bloom

is an English actor

10 facts about Orlando Bloom

Christopher Lee

is an English actor and singer

10 facts about Christopher Lee

Tim Roth

is an English actor and film director

10 facts about Tim Roth

Peter Ustinov

was an English actor, writer and dramatist.

10 facts about Peter Ustinov

Patrick Stewart

is an English film, television and stage actor, who has had a distinguished career on stage and screen

10 facts about Patrick Stewart

Michael York

Is a famous English actor.

10 facts about Michael York

James Purefoy

James Purefoy is an English actor best known for portraying Mark Antony in the HBO series Rome and for his current role as Dr. Joe Carroll, a professor-turned-serial-killer in the TV series The Following

10 facts about James Purefoy

Pete Postlethwaite

was an English stage, film and television actor

10 facts about Pete Postlethwaite

Roger Moore

is an English actor

10 facts about Roger Moore

Vinnie Jones

is a British actor and former professional footballer who played as a midfielder from 1984 to 1999

10 facts about Vinnie Jones

Jason Statham

is an English actor, producer, martial artist, and former diver.

10 facts about Jason Statham

Albert Finney

Finney is an English actor

10 facts about Albert Finney

Sean Bean

Is an English stage artist and screen actor.

10 facts about Sean Bean

John Mills

Was a famous English actor.

10 facts about John Mills

Christopher Eccleston

Is a very well known English actor.

10 facts about Christopher Eccleston

Dexter Fletcher

Is an English actor.

10 facts about Dexter Fletcher