Ten fun facts about Tommy Lee Jones

Fact 1
Tommy Lee Jones never took an acting class before or after getting involved with the movies.

Fact 2
While he was a student at Harvard University, the actor was roommates with Al Gore. To this day both men are good friends. He also publicly supported Al Gore when he was running for office.

Fact 3
Tommy Lee Jones can speak Spanish fluently.

Fact 4
He is good friends with director Oliver Stone, who shares a birthday with him.

Fact 5
The San Antonio Spurs are a favorite team of Tommy Lee Jones.

Fact 6
Tommy Lee Jones was originally considered by producers to play the role of Snake Plisken in the thriller movie “Escape from New York”. However, the role instead went to Kurt Russell who the producers were initially not confident could do the part. The movie went on to become a hit and everyone loved Kurt Russel in the movie.

Fact 7
His father worked in the oilfield and his mother was a teacher and police offer. His first cousin is famous country singer, Boxcar Willie.

Fact 8
He owns a 3,000 acre cattle ranch where he loves to spend a lot of time on.

Fact 9
Polo is a favorite sport of the actor. He even raises polo ponies. He plays the sport regularly and even was injured once when he fell during the sporting event.

Fact 10
Tommy Lee Jones has played numerous historical figures. Among those people he has played are Thaddeus Stevens, Gary Gilmore, and Clay Shaw.

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Short about Tommy Lee Jones
Is a professional character actor who has appeared in numerous Hollywood hits during his memorable career.

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