Ten fun facts about Natalie Portman

Fact 1
Natalie Portman was born in 1981 in Jerusalem and immigrated along with her family to America when she was just an infant. She has dual American and Israeli citizenship.

Fact 2
She got her first break when she was just 11 when an agent discovered her and so her career took off first with modeling for cosmetics.

Fact 3
“The Professional” was the first feature length movie that she acted in and it was in the year 1994.

Fact 4
Natalie also bagged the fan-favourite role of Queen Amidala in the prequel series made by George Lucas of the hit Star Wars trilogy.

Fact 5
Natalie is multilingual and speaks English, French and Hebrew very fluently.

Fact 6
Natalie Portman famously turned down the provocative role in “Lolita” as she wanted to take time off from acting instead.

Fact 7
In a surprising turn of events, she co-hosted with Britney Spears the New Year’s Eve party at the Hudson Hotel in Manhattan in the year 2003.

Fact 8
Natalie Portman studied at Harvard where she graduated with honors in psychology in spite of her busy acting schedule.

Fact 9
Natalie is vegetarian since she was a little girl and has remained so over the years even though she does not come from an all-vegetarian family.

Fact 10
Her role in “Black Swan” was challenging, as she had to undergo intense training to get the body and technique of a ballet dancer right.

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Short about Natalie Portman
Is an American actress known for her work as a child-actor and also as a talented performer in challenging roles.

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