Ten fun facts about Naomi Watts

Fact 1
Naomi Watts was born in England in 1969 but moved to Australia along with her family in her teenage years,.

Fact 2
Naomi and Nicole Kidman are very good friends with their friendship going back to their school days. They later collaborated together in the 1991 movie “Flirting”.

Fact 3
Naomi Watts is married to the actor Live Schreiber and has two children with him.

Fact 4
She did a variety of small roles in movies and television before being picked up for the 2001 movie “Mulholland Drive” directed by David Lynch.

Fact 5
“The Ring” was also another movie that made Naomi Watts more recognizable, it being a horror flick adapted from Japan.

Fact 6
Deeply appreciated by critics and audiences alike, her work in “21 Grams” was laudable. She worked with the acclaimed actor Sean Penn in the movie.

Fact 7
Naomi Watts worked with Sean Penn again in the year 2004 with in the movie The Assassination of Richard Nixon.

Fact 8
Naomi Watts was also part of Peter Jackson’s ambitious movie project “King Kong”, marking her return to all-out commercial cinema.

Fact 9
She received an Academy Award nomination for the 2012 movie “Impossible” in which she played a mother trapped in disaster-stricken Thailand with her family.

Fact 10
Naomi Watts was honored as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People by People Magazine in 2002.

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Short about Naomi Watts
Is a British-Australian actress.

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