Ten fun facts about Louis Pasteur

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Fact 1
Is best known for the inventing the pasteurization process which is used to treat milk and beer and is now applied across the world.

Fact 2
In 1848 he discovered the concept of being “right-handed” or “ left-handed” and found that almost every living creature has molecules in its body, that twist in either of these directions.

Fact 3
He suffered a severe brain stroke in 1868 that left him partially paralyzed but he continued his research for several years after that.

Fact 4
The first vaccine discovered by Pasteur was for a disease named chicken cholera, in 1879.

Fact 5
The term “vaccination” was coined by Louis Pasteur. He invented the rabies vaccine right before his death in 1895.

Fact 6
He founded the Paris Pasteur institute in 1887. His mortal remains lie in this building. The magnificent tomb is adorned with depictions of all his accomplishments.

Fact 7
He would never shake anyone’s hands and made no exceptions for royalty either. He was terrified of contracting diseases from people he came in touch with.

Fact 8
He was honored with the esteemed French order called the “Legion of Honor”. The title of Grand Croix was bestowed upon him in recognition of his contributions to the world of science.

Fact 9
Pasteur researched and invented vaccines for cholera, diphtheria, plague, rabies, yellow fever, tuberculosis and anthrax.

Fact 10
Pasteur’s experimental rabies vaccine was first tried on a small boy who had been bitten by a rabid dog. The boy, who otherwise would surely have succumbed to the bite, survived.

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Short about Louis Pasteur
Was an 1882-born, French microbiologist and chemist and is considered to be one of the most foremost founders of medical microbiology.

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