Ten fun facts about Kevin Kline

Fact 1
Kevin Kline has won two Tony awards. He won the first one in 1978 for “On the Twentieth Century” and the second one in 1981 for “The Pirates of Penzance”.

Fact 2
The actor famously turned down the iconic role in Tim Burton’s 1989 film “Batman”.

Fact 3
In 1970 Kevin Kline graduated from Indiana University. He received a BA in Speech and Theatre.

Fact 4
Kevin Kline met with director Steven Spielberg in 1975 to discuss playing the role of Matt Hooper in “Jaws”. He told Spielberg that he could play the part because he knew someone that was an oceanographer but Spielberg replied by saying he wanted some who “was” an oceanographer. After meeting with Kline, Spielberg elected to cast Richard Dreyfuss in the part.

Fact 5
Kevin Kline has played dual roles in three famous movies. These films are “Dave,” “Fierce Creatures,” and “Wild Wild West”.

Fact 6
Kevin Kline went to acting school in New York City where he trained under the all time famous Michael Howard.

Fact 7
He won the Academy Award for supporting role in “A Fish Called Wanda”, a comedy in which he co-starred with John Cleese and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Fact 8
Kevin Kline first gained acclaim after he appeared in the 1982 film “Sophie’s Choice”. It was after this movie that he became a much sought after star.

Fact 9
He is married to actress Phoebe Cates.

Fact 10
It has been noted by several critics that when playing in comedy movies, Kevin Kline has always kept a mustache. However, when he appears in a drama he is generally clean shaven.

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Short about Kevin Kline
Is a popular American actor who has played a wide range of unusual roles over the course of his career.

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