Ten fun facts about Jean Andre Deluc

Fact 1
He sat on the embassy to a French military officer in Paris in 1768.

Fact 2
During his tour of Germany, he obtained an honorary professorship at the University of Gottingen.

Fact 3
He became a member of the Royal Society in 1773.

Fact 4
In his piece "Lettres physiques et morales", he discusses the six days of creation, as he was very religious.

Fact 5
His development of a portable barometer helped give correct rules for measuring heights using a barometer.

Fact 6
Although he wrote a paper about Voltaic piles and dry columns, he had nothing to due with its invention.

Fact 7
He was not only a geologist but he is also responsible for coining the term 'geology'.

Fact 8
He was the first to theorize about water density and the independence of water vapor.

Fact 9
One of his important geological pieces was dedicated to Queen Charlotte.

Fact 10
A crater on the Moon is named after him. It is called "Deluc".

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Short about Jean Andre Deluc
A Swiss geologist and meteorologist.

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