Ten fun facts about Benjamin Cabrera

Fact 1
Cabrera earned his degree in Medicine at the University of the Philippines in 1945.

Fact 2
He decided to continue his education at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, where he garnered his Master's Degree in Public Health, major in Medical Parasitology and Public Health. He graduated in 1950.

Fact 3
Focusing on his major, Dr. Cabrera published more than a hundred scientific studies concerning medical parasitology and public health.

Fact 4
He also developed innovations in drug treatments against diseases caused by mosquitoes and agricultural soil.

Fact 5
In 1961, together with Lee M. Howard, he made the first field study of simian malaria in the Philippines, and found that malaria occurred in 8.6 percent of the animals tested.

Fact 6
For his work on filariasis, Dr. Cabrera received the Philippine Legion of Honor, a Presidential Award in 1996.

Fact 7
Cabrera also worked on the control of ascariasis.

Fact 8
Cabrera continually made researches on possible ways of preventing diseases.

Fact 9
One of his best-known studies is on filariasis, a tropical disease. Filariasis is caused by small roundworms transmitted by mosquitoes and other blood-sucking insects. Dr. Cabrera studied the life cycle of these roundworms and the ways by which they were transmitted to man.

Fact 10
His studies helped in developing ways of preventing filariasis.

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Short about Benjamin Cabrera
is a Filipino physician who has done research on medical parasitology and public health

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