Ten fun facts about Beetroots

Fact 1
The world's largest beet was grown in 2005, weighing at least 156 pounds. It was grown by a Dutchman named Piet de Goede.

Fact 2
Since the colors in beetroot are so dark, the red pigment can cause your stool to turn dark!

Fact 3
Beetroot has been used from the Middle Ages as a treatment for medical illnesses relating to digestion and the blood. It is taken to rid garlic breath.

Fact 4
In 2010 a study showed that drinking a glass of beet juice a day significantly decreased a person's blood pressure for several hours.

Fact 5
Betanin, taken from the roots of beets, can be used as a red food colorant in foods like tomato sauces, desserts ice cream and more.

Fact 6
Beets have been around for many years, but according to Assyrian text, around 800 B.C. beets were grown in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Fact 7
Unlike other vegetables, the roots of the beet contain high amounts of sugar. The sugar is slowly released into your blood so it doesn't feel like a sugar high.

Fact 8
The betanin pigments in the beet have also been shown to reduce tumor growths and act as an anti-inflammatory.

Fact 9
Pregnant women are advised to consume beetroots as it can prevent miscarriages and the promotion of Vitamin B and iron are beneficial to growing new cells.

Fact 10
The leaves of the beetroot are also edible. They can be steamed, giving a taste that is similar to spinach.

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Short about Beetroots
Known as the beet and for its edible taproot.

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