Ten fun facts about Western Sahara

Fact 1
Western Sahara is mainly a desert territory in north-west Africa. The terrain is mostly low flat desert with large areas of rocky or sandy surfaces rising to small mountains in south and northeast.

Fact 2
The languages spoken in Western Sahara are Hassaniya, Arabic and Moroccan Arabic.

Fact 3
The major ethnic group is the Sahrawis that claim descent from the Beni Hassan, a Yemeni tribe.

Fact 4
Western Sahara is one of the most sparsely populated territories due to the fact that the area mainly consists of desert flatlands.

Fact 5
Most of the population is Arab while some are Berbers. All of them follow the Islam religion.

Fact 6
The natural hazards are hot, dry, dust-laden sirocco wind which causes widespread harmattan haze which restricts visibility severely.

Fact 7
The general climate in Western Sahara is hot, dry with scarce rain. The cold offshore air currents produce fog and heavy dew.

Fact 8
The lowest point is Sebjet Tah at 55 m and the highest point is an unnamed located at 463 m.

Fact 9
Agriculture includes fruits and vegetables that are grown in the oases, camels, sheep, goats and fish. Western Sahara boasts rich fishing waters.

Fact 10
The economy is small market-based. Main industries are phosphate mining and handicrafts. They import fuel for fishing fleet and foodstuffs.

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Short about Western Sahara
Is a country located in northern Africa on the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by Algeria to the east, Morocco to the north and Mauritania to the south.

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