Ten fun facts about Saab

Fact 1
The company was launched in the year 1945 and is headquartered in Trollhattan, Sweden. It came into existence when Saab AB, a Swedish aerospace & defense company started work on designing and producing small cars.

Fact 2
The first production model car from this company was the Saab 92 and it was available to the masses in the year 1949.

Fact 3
The car model that has been sold the most under the Saab banner is the Saab 900 and it remains to this day one of its best-selling cars.

Fact 4
Saab has the honor of being bestowed by the Swedish Kind with the exclusive automobile Royal Warrant.

Fact 5
As of 2008, Saab had its car production taking place in 3 nations and a little more than 90, 000 cars were produced.

Fact 6
Saab as a car brand has been known as ‘The Well-Built Swede’ and ‘The Command Performance Car’.

Fact 7
In the 1980s John Gardner James Bond novels, the Saab 900 Turbo was 007’s preferred vehicle and was also known as the ‘Silver Beast’ in the books.

Fact 8
Saab cars are mostly sold in the territories of the United Kingdom, Sweden and the United States of America.

Fact 9
Being extremely stringent with the safety measures, Saab subjects its cars to the famous elk test and keeps a careful record of all the accidents that their Saab vehicles have entered into globally.

Fact 10
The year 1985 saw Saab try its hand at direct ignition, forgoing any issues with spark plug wires and other unneeded ignition mechanism.

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Short about Saab
Is an automobile maker in Sweden, reputed for its strict adherence to safety features.

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