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Ten fun facts about Rodeo

Fact 1:
The PBR (professional Bull Riding) is the biggest and most profitable bull riding event.

Fact 2:
Rodeo emerged from an industry of working with the animals.

Fact 3:
Rodeo contests are divided into two types; one is scored by a judge and the other is timed for speed.

Fact 4:
The roping contest has originally developed from cowboys who hold cattle for doctoring.

Fact 5:
Most of the animals used in Rodeos are domesticated and not actually aggressive. However, they are provoked to behave that way.

Fact 6:
There are rules that regulates the handling of the animals which were first put by Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) in 1947.

Fact 7:
All professional rodeos are governed by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association or PRCA.

Fact 8:
Bull riding has become rodeo’s most popular contest.

Fact 9:
The term rodeo means to “go around” in Spanish.

Fact 10:
The word Rodeo was rarely used by the American cowboy sport until the 1920s, it was rather referred to as cowboy contests.

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Short about Rodeo

Is a competitive sport which arose out of the working practices of cattle herding.

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