Ten fun facts about Prokop Divis

Fact 1
Though he completed his basic studies in 1719, he didn't begin to study philosophy in preparation to be ordained until 1726.

Fact 2
His original birth name is Vaclav Divisek; he took the name Prokop or Procopius after entering his religious training.

Fact 3
He became ordained in 1726 but began teaching philosophy in 1729.

Fact 4
He was the first person to come up with the grounded lightning rod, even though Benjamin Franklin is associated with the lightning rod.

Fact 5
He became interested in building a 'weather-machine' after Georg Richmann, a professor at St. Petersburg, was killed by lightning.

Fact 6
In 1733 he completed his doctoral dissertation and obtained his Doctor of Theology degree.

Fact 7
Emperor Francis Stephen brought Prokop to show his experiment at the Vienna Imperial Court, who gave him two gold medals.

Fact 8
While Benjamin Franklin also developed a lightning rod, the difference was that Prokop's was grounded.

Fact 9
In 1753, he created the first electrical musical instrument that could imitate the sound of other instruments.

Fact 10
A town in the Czech Republic called Zamberk has a building called the "Prokop Divis Theatre" with a lightning rod on the top of it.

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Short about Prokop Divis
A Czech theologian and natural scientist.

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