Ten fun facts about Peter O´Toole

Fact 1
In his youth he attended Catholic school. The nuns at the school would often beat him. He claims that they did this in hopes of “curing” the fact that he was born left-handed. It was believed during this time that a person that was left-handed was stricken with this “disorder” because of sin.

Fact 2
Between the years of 1952 and 1954, Peter O’Toole received acting training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Fact 3
In 2000 he received the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Outstanding Achievement in regards to his well-spanned acting career.

Fact 4
In 1997 he coached a cricket team professionally.

Fact 5
During the course of his career Peter O’Toole has taken on the role of three kings. One of these kings he played twice.

Fact 6
Has been nominated for the Best Actor Oscar 8 times. He has never won the award.

Fact 7
Peter O’Toole has stated that the actor that has influenced him the most is Eric Porter.

Fact 8
During filming the movie “Venus” in 2006, he broke his hip. He was off set for three weeks due to the injury.

Fact 9
Was considered for “knighthood” in 1987. He turned down the knighting for “political reasons”.

Fact 10
Peter O’Toole wears green socks every day. It has been revealed that he does this for superstitious reasons.

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Short about Peter O´Toole
Is an Irish-born actor in both the theatre and of the silver screen.

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