Ten fun facts about Nicholas Culpeper

Fact 1
His marriage to the daughter of a wealthy man gave him the ability to open a pharmacy and offer his services for free.

Fact 2
He was an advocate for using herbs instead of medicine to treat illnesses and did not examine just urine samples.

Fact 3
While in co-operation after receiving an injury to the chest, he wrote "A Prophesy of the White King". This predicted the King's death.

Fact 4
Though he had eight children with his wife, only one child survived to be an adult.

Fact 5
His piece "The English Physician" listed a number of herbs and their uses, including Mugwort for birth and labor and Burdock for dog bites.

Fact 6
The early methods he used involving herbs had a major impact and popularized remedies for alternative holistic practitioners.

Fact 7
The first pharmacy he opened was set up in a halfway house, as he believed paying a lot of money for doctors was unfair.

Fact 8
During the English Civil War, he was accused of practicing witchcraft.

Fact 9
He often angered his physician colleagues since he constantly condemned their greed and using harmful practices.

Fact 10
"The English Physician" is still in print today and has been since the 17th century.

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Short about Nicholas Culpeper
An English herbalist, botanist, physician and astronomer.

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