Ten fun facts about Michelle Monaghan

Fact 1
She was born on March 23, 1976. Her full name is Michelle Lynn Monaghan.

Fact 2
She is the daughter of a factory worker and a mother that ran an in home daycare center. The family lived in Winthrop Iowa. She has two brothers who are older than she. Their names are John and Bob.

Fact 3
Michelle was raised in the Catholic faith by her German/Irish parents.

Fact 4
Michelle’s family was active in the foster care program and has opened their home to twelve foster children.

Fact 5
She was the class president of her high school class. During high school she was acted in several school plays.

Fact 6
She liked one semester having a degree in journalism when she went to New York to pursue acting as a career.

Fact 7
She worked as a model for magazines and catalogs before she made her television debut.

Fact 8
She is the wife of Peter White. They were married in 2005.

Fact 9
She is the mother to one daughter named Willow. Willow Katherine was born to the couple in 2008.

Fact 10
Michelle revealed that she has skin cancer in 2011. Her husband told her of a mole on her back that looked suspicious and it turned out to be malignant. She did have the cancer removed and there are no reports of life threatening consequences.

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Short about Michelle Monaghan
Is an actress who reached fame for her roles in Mission: Impossible III and Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

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