Ten fun facts about Michael Madsen

Fact 1
Prior to becoming famous in Hollywood he did consider changing his screen-name to “Michael Hood”. He thought it sounded more macho.

Fact 2
In a candid interview he claims that there are only five films which he is proud to have appeared in. They are “Kill Bill: Volume 1”, “Donnie Brasco”, Reservoir Dogs”, “Species”, and “Free Willy”.

Fact 3
Michael Madsen has two sisters who are also famous actresses. They are Virginia Madsen and Cheryl Madsen.

Fact 4
He published a book of short stories and poems. The book was titled “Burning in Paradise”. His actor friend Dennis Hopper wrote the introduction to the book.

Fact 5
Michael Madsen had a difficult time while filming the torture and murder scene in “Reservoir Dogs”. The part was so out of his kind nature.

Fact 6
The yellow Cadillac which Michael Madsen drives in the film “Reservoir Dogs” was actually owned by him.

Fact 7
The part of Vincent Vega in Quentin Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” was originally offered to Madsen. He had to turn down the part as he was unable to get out of rehearsals for the film “Wyatt Earp”.

Fact 8
Has worked extensively with the Shriners Hospital For Children. He received an award for his work with the organization in 2002.

Fact 9
Michael Madsen worked numerous jobs before becoming an actor. These jobs included a hospital orderly, a landscaper, and a mechanic.

Fact 10
Owns a pet parrot named Marlon. He named the bird after Marlon Brando.

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Short about Michael Madsen
Is considered to be one of the most talented yet controversial actors in Hollywood.

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