Facts on Male actors from Chicago

Morgan Freeman

Is an African-American actor who has won several Academy Award nominations.

10 facts about Morgan Freeman

Jason Robards

Is a Chicago born, Los Angeles raised, All-American actor.

10 facts about Jason Robards

Harrison Ford

A Hollywood actor with a dynamic and charming personality that shows through very well with his characters.

10 facts about Harrison Ford

Robin Williams

Is a gifted television and film actor and comedian

10 facts about Robin Williams

Michael Madsen

Is considered to be one of the most talented yet controversial actors in Hollywood.

10 facts about Michael Madsen

John C. Reilly

Is an American born Hollywood actor who is equally good in drama as well as comedy.

10 facts about John C. Reilly

Bill Murray

Is an award winning American born film and television actor.

10 facts about Bill Murray

John Cusack

Is a Hollywood film actor, screenwriter and producer.

10 facts about John Cusack

Tom Berenger

is an American television and motion picture actor.

10 facts about Tom Berenger

Michael Clarke Duncan

was an American actor

10 facts about Michael Clarke Duncan

Kevin Garnett

is an American professional basketball power forward and center with the Brooklyn Nets of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

10 facts about Kevin Garnett