Ten fun facts about Liv Tyler

Fact 1
She is the daughter of Aerosmith's lead singer, Steven Tyler, and model Bebe Buell.

Fact 2
Tyler began a career in modeling at the age of 14 but decided to focus on acting.

Fact 3
Tyler achieved critical recognition in the leading role in Stealing Beauty (1996).

Fact 4
She also starred in television commercials.

Fact 5
In 2005, she appeared in Steve Buscemi's independent drama Lonesome Jim, where she was cast alongside Casey Affleck.

Fact 6
Since 2004, she has donated to the Women's Cancer Research Fund to support innovative research, education, and outreach directed at the development of more effective approaches to the early diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all women's cancers.

Fact 7
Tyler achieved international recognition as a result of her portrayal of Elf maiden Arwen Undómiel in the Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Fact 8
She has served as a United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador for the United States in 2003.

Fact 9
She has served as a spokesperson for Givenchy's line of perfume and cosmetics.

Fact 10
She appeared in Aerosmith's music video for “Crazy” in 1993, and again when Aerosmith performed many of the songs in the film Armageddon (1998) in which Tyler starred.

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is an American actress and model

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