Ten fun facts about Jodie Foster

Fact 1
Jodie Foster was born Alicia Christian Foster but all her three siblings insisted that she be called Jodie. Turns out, the name stuck.

Fact 2
Jodie started acting at the age of 3, in commercials. Her first ad was the Coppertone Sunscreen commercial.

Fact 3
As a youngster, while Jodie was filming for a Disney Movie, a lion mauled her and actually carried her for a short distance in his mouth.

Fact 4
She gained popularity in the 1976 movie “Taxi Driver”. Jodie was all of 13 years of age and won an Oscar nomination for the supporting role.

Fact 5
“Taxi Driver” had several explicit scenes and those particular scenes were all played by older sister Connie, as she was too young to do so.

Fact 6
A crazed Jodie fan from Colorado traveled to New Haven, Connecticut to stalk her but failed to attract her attention or impress her. In a desperate attempt to catch her attention, he shot President Ronald Reagan on 30 March 1981.

Fact 7
Jodie is a Yale graduate. She graduated in 1985 from Yale University, magna cum laude. Post her graduation, she acted, directed and produced numerous movies.

Fact 8
In 1997, Yale bestowed upon Jodie an honorary, Doctor of Fine Arts degree.

Fact 9
Post the Hinckley nightmare, Jodie began keeping her life under covers. She has two sons but has not reveled either to them or to the world, who their father is. She says that she will tell them when they grow up.

Fact 10
Jodie is a fitness freak. She enjoys yoga, kickboxing, karate, weightlifting and aerobics.

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Short about Jodie Foster
Is a hugely talented and very successful American actress, producer and film director.

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