Ten fun facts about Jean-Paul Belmondo

Fact 1
Jean-Paul Belmondo was born on 9th April, 1993 in Neutilly-sur Seine, west of the city of Paris in France.

Fact 2
As a young boy he was not very good at academics but he was very interested in playing football and in boxing.

Fact 3
Belmondo eventually made his amateur boxing debut in 1949 in Paris, France and continued his winning streak in boxing, but for a very short time.

Fact 4
Belmondo’s performance in Jean-Luc Godard's movie, Breathless was appreciated and it kick-started Belmondo's acting career.

Fact 5
His notable films include Leon Morin, Priest, The Fingerman, Pierrot le fou, That Man from Rio and Stavisky.

Fact 6
Belmondo later switched on to stage plays after his roles in films started getting limited to typical and typecast roles.

Fact 7
He was made the Knight of the 'Ordre national du Merite' of France and later promoted to Officier and untimately to Commandeur in 1994.

Fact 8
Belmondo was also bestowed with the Knight of the 'Legion d'honneur' and promoted to Officier and finally to Commandeur in 2007.

Fact 9
He has been given the Career Achievement Award by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association in the year 2010.

Fact 10
Belmondo suffered from a massive stroke in the year 2001 after which he limited his appearances in plays and films.

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Short about Jean-Paul Belmondo
Is a French actor who was initially associated with the \'New Wave\' in the 1960\'s.

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