Ten fun facts about Jack Lemmon

Fact 1
Born John Ulher Lemmon on February 8, 1925 (died June 27, 2001) in Newton, Massachusetts that is a suburb of Boston.

Fact 2
John Lennon was an accomplished at playing the piano, which he taught himself, he composed the theme for the movie Tribute and played jazz in a TV special for Bobby Short.

Fact 3
His son, Chris Lemmon starred along with him in the movie Airport.

Fact 4
His portrayal of Harry Stoner in Save the Tiger, which also won him an Oscar, is considered as his most emotionally fulfilling and most gratifying performance; as he once had serious drinking issues.

Fact 5
During the Golden Globe awards of 1998, Ving Rhames called Lemmon upon stage and presented him his Best Actor in a Tv movie trophy which was just awarded to him, as a token of his admiration of the veteran actor, which was a pleasant surprise for Lemmon.

Fact 6
He was often teased upon by kids as 'Jack u Lemon' since his middle name starts with the letter U.

Fact 7
Graduated with a degree in 'War Service Sciences' from Harvard and was also a member of the Navy ROTC.

Fact 8
He appeared in one of the episodes of 'The Simpsons', in which he convinces Marge to start a pretzel business.

Fact 9
His headstone has the engraving, 'Jack Lemmon in'.

Fact 10
Jack Lemmon was very passionate about golf, although was not very skilled at it and tried for 33 years to make the cut Pebble Beach, but could not.

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Short about Jack Lemmon
Was an American actor and musician.

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