Ten fun facts about Henry Fonda

Fact 1
Henry Fonda originally studied acting with the mother of Marlon Brando, Dorothy Brando.

Fact 2
In adulthood, he earned the title of Life Scout. He then went on to become a scout master.

Fact 3
Henry Fonda is most noted as being the father of equally famous Hollywood stars, Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda. Both went on to become popular entertainers.

Fact 4
Henry Fonda was known for making model airplanes as a hobby. He also enjoyed making kites.

Fact 5
When Henry Fonda won an Oscar at age 76, he was the oldest person to have won the award.

Fact 6
During his heyday in Hollywood, he was known as a “ladies man.” He had a reputation for having multiple affairs with several different actresses.

Fact 7
He worked alongside director John Ford for multiple years. However, their friendship quickly ended in 1955 when Ford punched him in the face while making the film “Mister Roberts.”

Fact 8
Henry Fonda and actor James Stewart were very good friends. They were even roommates twice.

Fact 9
The strangest hobby that Henry Fonda was said to take part in was bee keeping. He loved the hobby so much that he incorporated the practice into his role in the film “Ulee’s God.”

Fact 10
In the year 1963, he was named Father of the Year.

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Short about Henry Fonda
Is an American born actor who is known around the world for his many popular films.

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