Ten fun facts about Bruno Mars

Fact 1
Mars cannot just sing. He also plays the keyboard, bass, drums and guitar.

Fact 2
He was given the nickname “Bruno” as a child, a name inspired by the chubby wrestler Bruno Samartino, because Mars was chubby as a child.

Fact 3
One of Mars’s sillier songs, “The Lazy Song” has almost 400 million views on Youtube and is one of the most viewed Mars music videos.

Fact 4
Mars is of Puerto Rican and Filipino descent.

Fact 5
Mars sure likes his tattoos. Currently the singer-songwriter has four: a gypsy placed on his left forearm, an anchor on his right forearm, his mother’s name on his right shoulder, and “Pete’s boy” on his left bicep.

Fact 6
Mars managed to get 5 hit singles into the number 1 spot of the Billboard Hot 100 in the span of just a little over three years.

Fact 7
His favorite food is Chicken Adobo, the national dish of the Philippines.

Fact 8
Mars was born to a musical family. His mother was a singer and his father played instruments. At age 4, Mars joined his family’s band “The Love Notes” and performed with them 5 days a week.

Fact 9
Bruno has been nominated so far for twelve Grammy Awards in his career, and he won Best Pop Male Vocal performance for his hit single, “Just The Way You Are.” He has also won awards such as Song of the Year and Best International Artist along with many others.

Fact 10
Encouraged by his uncle who was also an Elvis impersonator, Mars began performing his Elvis impression in his younger years, becoming one of the youngest Elvis impersonators.

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Short about Bruno Mars
is an American singer-songwriter and record producer.

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