Ten fun facts about Alain Delon

Fact 1
Alain Delon is such a popular figure in France, the French television show “Les Guignols De l’info” featured a puppet that was designed to look just like him in order to attract viewers.

Fact 2
Apart from being an actor, Alain Delon also owns a restaurant in Nice, France. The name of the eatery is “Camargue”.

Fact 3
Alain Delon has dual citizenship. He is a citizen of France by birth and in Septermber 1999, he acquired Swiss citizenship.

Fact 4
Prior to getting involved in acting he aspired to be a butcher. His stepfather served as a butcher and he learned a great deal about the skill from him. He even worked in the butcher shop for some time when he was 14 years old and was trained by his stepfather.

Fact 5
Alain left the butchery after 3 years and joined the French Navy.

Fact 6
He won the Cesar award for his performance in the movie “Notre Histoire”. The Cesar award is considered to be the French equivalent of the Oscars.

Fact 7
Alain has an extensive line of products based on his brand. These include perfumes, clothes, glasses, and champagne.

Fact 8
He appeared in the 1975 film “Zorro”. He states that he only took the role after being encouraged to do so by his only child at the time.

Fact 9
Numerous bands have written songs with his name in the title. Baustelle, The Margarets, and White Town are three such bands.

Fact 10
Alain Delon’s image appears on the cover of the “Smiths” album “The Queen is Dead”.

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Short about Alain Delon
Is a widely respected actor, producer, and director from France.

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