Ten fun facts about Adenoids

Fact 1
Enlarged adenoids, also called adenoid hypertrophy, block nasal passages and can become as large as a ping pong ball.

Fact 2
In 1971, approximately 50,000 Americans had an adenoidectomy procedure performed.

Fact 3
They play a large role in helping children stay healthy since they capture and filter bacteria and germs when they pass through the mouth.

Fact 4
The removal of adenoids can improve health all around, including fewer sore throats and ear infections and fresher breath.

Fact 5
Though they are usually infected if they are enlarged, some children can be born with them enlarged or it can be caused by allergies.

Fact 6
While adenoids are important for babies and small children, they shrink around age 5 and disappear by the teenage years.

Fact 7
Adenoids are lymph nodes which are part of the lymphatic system. While lymph nodes are all over your body, these are in the back of your throat.

Fact 8
Infected adenoids can cause middle ear infections, vomiting, chest infections and sinusitis.

Fact 9
The removal of adenoids was routinely combined with a tonsillectomy, dating back to the early 1900's.

Fact 10
Adenoids often get removed when tonsils gets removed. The removal is called an adenoidectomy.

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Short about Adenoids
A mass of lymphatic tissues by the nasal cavity.

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