Ten fun facts about Richard Gere

Ten fun facts about Richard Gere

1. A Passion for Music

As a young man, Richard Gere was passionate about music. He was a multi-instrumentalist, playing the piano, guitar, flute, and drums during his high school years. He even composed music for the school's theatrical productions, demonstrating his talent and dedication to the art form. His love of music has stayed with him throughout his life, and he has continued to pursue it as a hobby.

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2. From Musician to Actor

In 1969, Richard Gere made the bold decision to leave the University of Massachusetts after two years of study in order to pursue a career in acting. His first steps in the industry were in musicals and plays, and he quickly established himself as a talented performer. His hard work and dedication to his craft paid off, and he has since become one of the most recognizable and respected actors in Hollywood.

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3. Richard Gere barred from Academy Awards after controversial remarks

In 1993, Richard Gere was barred from attending the Academy Awards ceremony after making controversial remarks about China. His comments, which were critical of the Chinese government's human rights record, were deemed unacceptable by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, resulting in his ban from the event. This was a major blow to Gere, who had been nominated for Best Actor for his role in Sommersby that year. Despite his absence, the film went on to win two Oscars.

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4. Richard Gere is still the sexiest man alive

In 1991, Richard Gere was voted the sexiest man alive by People Magazine, and was also chosen as one of the most beautiful people in the world. His good looks and charm have made him a Hollywood icon, and his status as the sexiest man alive in 1991 is a testament to his enduring appeal. Gere has continued to be a heartthrob for many fans, and his selection as one of the most beautiful people in the world in 1991 is a reminder of his timeless beauty.

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5. Richard Gere Proposes Two Conditions for China Film Festival Visit

In response to China's invitation to one of their film festivals, Richard Gere proposed two conditions: that he be allowed to bring his own interpreter and that he be allowed to stay in Taipei, Taiwan during his trip. This was a bold move on Gere's part, as it was a direct challenge to China's policy of not recognizing Taiwan as an independent nation. Despite the risk, Gere was determined to make his trip to the festival, and his insistence on staying in Taiwan was a testament to his commitment to the cause.

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6. Richard Gere's Childhood Friend Becomes a Top Photographer

Herb Ritts, a childhood friend of Richard Gere, became a top photographer after people handling Richard Gere's earlier photos were highly impressed by his work. This recognition of Herb's talent was a major turning point in his career, and it was all thanks to Richard Gere's influence. From that moment on, Herb went on to become one of the most sought-after photographers in the world, shooting for some of the biggest names in the industry.

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7. Richard Gere's Early Roles Landed Him a Star

When Richard Gere first started out in the film industry, he was lucky enough to land three major roles that had previously been turned down by John Travolta. These films, "Days of Heaven", "American Gigolo", and "An Officer and a Gentleman" were all instrumental in launching Gere's career and making him a star.

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8. Richard Gere's Passion for AIDS Fundraising

Richard Gere, the former Boy Scout, has been a passionate advocate for AIDS fundraising. He has been involved in numerous initiatives to raise awareness and funds for the cause, including organizing benefit concerts, participating in charity auctions, and speaking out in support of those affected by the disease. His commitment to the cause has been widely recognized, and he has been honored with awards from the United Nations and the American Foundation for AIDS Research.

9. Richard Gere, Sex Symbol of the 1980s

In 1980, Richard Gere skyrocketed to fame with his iconic role in the movie "American Gigolo". His performance in the film made him an instant sex symbol of the era, with his good looks and charm captivating audiences around the world. His portrayal of a high-end male escort in the movie was so convincing that it cemented his place in Hollywood history.

10. A Star of Blockbuster Hits

Richard Gere is an acclaimed actor who has starred in some of the most successful films of all time, including the iconic "Pretty Woman", the romantic drama "An Officer and a Gentleman", the Academy Award-winning musical "Chicago", and the psychological thriller "Primal Fear". His performance in "Chicago" earned him a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor.

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