Ten fun facts about Jennifer Aniston

Fact 1
At age 11, one of Aniston’s paintings was showcased at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Fact 2
Post her graduation, Jennifer started performing in numerous Off-Broadway productions at the Public Theatre. She also worked at odd jobs such as being a bicycle messenger, just so that she could pay her rent.

Fact 3
Aniston had very seriously considered giving-up acting post her first film, the horror movie “Leprechaun,”

Fact 4
Before making it big in the acting world, Aniston worked as a telemarketer and a waitress. Coincidentally, she acted as a waitress in 1994-“Friends”, 1991- “Office Space”, 1999- “The Iron Giant” and 2004-“Along Came Polly”.

Fact 5
Though Jennifer leads a fairly jet-setting lifestyle, she has a fear of flying.

Fact 6
Jennifer is the inventor of “The Rachel”. This hairstyle was widely copied in the1990s.

Fact 7
In 2002, Aniston offered to become Mathew Perry’s personal trainer as he wanted to lose weight.

Fact 8
Her mother had insulted her in the tabloids. Consequently, when Aniston got married to Brad Pitt she did not invite her mother to her wedding. It was only in 2005 that they finally forgave each other and made up.

Fact 9
Aniston is a direct-descendant of the Royal House of Stuart of Scotland, through her mother.

Fact 10
Originally, Jennifer had auditioned to play Monica Geller on the telly series “Friends”. However, she managed to persuade the producers that the role of Rachel Green suited her better. She went on to win an Emmy for role as Rachel.

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