Ten fun facts about Jennifer Aniston

Ten fun facts about Jennifer Aniston

1. 11yo Aniston's Art at Met Museum

At the tender age of 11, Jennifer Aniston had already achieved a remarkable feat - her painting was showcased at the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art. This remarkable accomplishment is a testament to her talent and creativity, and is a reminder of the potential of young people to achieve great things.

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2. From Rent-Stabilized Apartment to Acting Career

After graduating, Jennifer Aniston worked hard to make ends meet, taking on a variety of odd jobs such as a bicycle messenger to pay her rent while also performing in Off-Broadway productions at the Public Theatre. Despite the financial struggles, Jennifer persevered and continued to pursue her passion for acting.

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3. Jennifer Aniston's Horror Debut: How She Persevered

After her first film, the horror movie “Leprechaun,” Jennifer Aniston was so discouraged that she seriously considered giving up acting altogether. She was so disheartened by the experience that she thought her career in the entertainment industry was over before it had even begun. Fortunately, she decided to persevere and went on to become one of the most beloved and successful actresses of all time.

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4. From Telemarketer to Waitress

Before becoming a household name, Jennifer Aniston had a variety of jobs, including telemarketer and waitress. Little did she know that her experience in the service industry would come in handy for her acting career. In fact, she played a waitress in four of her most iconic roles: Friends (1994), Office Space (1991), The Iron Giant (1999), and Along Came Polly (2004).

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5. Fear of flying keeps actress busy

Despite her jet-setting lifestyle, Jennifer Aniston has a fear of flying. She has admitted to feeling anxious and overwhelmed when she has to board a plane, and has even gone so far as to take anti-anxiety medication to help her cope with the stress of air travel. Despite her fear, she still manages to travel the world for work and pleasure, and has even been known to take a private jet when she needs to get somewhere quickly.

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6. Style Icon and Influence Still felt Today

Jennifer Aniston is a style icon, and her influence is still felt today. In the 1990s, she popularized a hairstyle known as "The Rachel," which was widely copied by women around the world. The style featured a layered cut with long, feathered bangs, and was a major trend of the decade. Aniston's influence on fashion and beauty continues to this day, and her iconic hairstyle is still remembered fondly by many.

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7. Jennifer Aniston Offers to Become Mathew Perry's Personal Trainer

In 2002, Jennifer Aniston offered to become her Friends co-star Mathew Perry's personal trainer, as he was looking to shed some pounds. Aniston, who was already well-known for her toned physique, was more than willing to help her friend out, and the two worked together to create a tailored fitness plan that would help him reach his goals. Aniston's dedication to helping her friend was a testament to her kind and generous nature, and it's no wonder that the two remain close friends to this day.

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8. Jennifer Aniston & Mom Reunite After Years Apart

In 2005, Jennifer Aniston and her mother finally made up after a long period of estrangement. This was due to her mother's public insults in the tabloids, which caused Aniston to not invite her to her wedding to Brad Pitt. After years of hurt and resentment, the two were able to forgive each other and reconcile their relationship.

9. Royal Descendant

Jennifer Aniston is a direct descendant of the Royal House of Stuart of Scotland, a lineage that dates back to the 16th century. Her mother, Nancy Dow, is a direct descendant of the House of Stuart, which was founded by King James I of England and VI of Scotland in 1603. Aniston's lineage can be traced back to King Charles II of England, Scotland, and Ireland, who was the last monarch of the House of Stuart. This makes Aniston a member of a royal family that has a long and storied history.

10. Jennifer Aniston Wins Emmy for Rachel Green

When Jennifer Aniston auditioned for the role of Monica Geller on the hit television series "Friends", she quickly realized that the role of Rachel Green was a better fit for her. After convincing the producers of this, she went on to win an Emmy for her portrayal of Rachel, cementing her place in television history.

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