Ten fun facts about Emmanuelle Béart

Fact 1
She was born on August the 14th of 1963. She is the daughter of Genevieve Galea and Guy Beart. Her mother was a model and her father was a singer and poet.

Fact 2
She learned to speak English while staying a summer with an English speaking family that were close friends with her father.

Fact 3
This actress has appeared in more than fifty films.

Fact 4
She was given the Cesar award for best supporting actress for the part she played in the movie Manon des Sources in 1986.

Fact 5
This actress has received the Silver St. George award for best actress in a film. The role she played in a French Woman won her that accolade.

Fact 6
Is an actress that may be best known for her work in adult films.

Fact 7
She was married to Daniel Auteuil from 1993 until 1998. The couple met when they were working together on the movie Love on the Quiet.

Fact 8
She shares a daughter named Nelly with Daniel Auteuil. Her other child is a son she had with David Moreau after her break up with Auteuil.

Fact 9
She is well known as a social activist. She works as an ambassador for UNICEF.

Fact 10
In 2003 she was pictured in the French magazine Elle nude with a younger man. In 2007 Elle reported that this copy of their magazine was still the best selling copy they had ever had.

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Short about Emmanuelle Béart
A French film actress nominated for 7 Cesar Awards for most promising actress and then for best actress.