Facts on Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer contract players

Roger Moore

is an English actor

10 facts about Roger Moore

Melvyn Douglas

Was a renowned American Actor.

10 facts about Melvyn Douglas

Leslie Nielsen

Was a much loved Canadian American actor and comedian.

10 facts about Leslie Nielsen

Elizabeth Taylor

Was a world-renowned British-American actress who made the headlines everywhere she went

10 facts about Elizabeth Taylor

Katharine Hepburn

Was a very popular Hollywood film, television and stage actress well known as m much for her headstrong independence as for her unique voice,

10 facts about Katharine Hepburn

Greta Garbo

Is an actress who was best known for her work in silent films.

10 facts about Greta Garbo

Hedy Lamarr

An Austrian actress and inventor.

10 facts about Hedy Lamarr