Facts on Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society

Neils Bohr

Was a world renowned Danish physicist born in the year 1885.

10 facts about Neils Bohr

Dmitri Mendeleev

Is renowned for creating an effective Periodic Law and Periodic Table of Elements that embellishes every chemistry classroom in the world.

10 facts about Dmitri Mendeleev

Stephen Hawking

Is a British theoretical physicist who made important contributions to the fields of cosmology and quantum gravity.

10 facts about Stephen Hawking

John Dalton

was an English chemist, meteorologist and physicist

10 facts about John Dalton

Henry Moseley

An English physicist.

10 facts about Henry Moseley

James Prescott Joule

An English physicist and brewer.

10 facts about James Prescott Joule

Robert Bunsen

A German chemist who developed the Bunsen Burner.

10 facts about Robert Bunsen

William Thomson

An Irish and British physicist and engineer.

10 facts about William Thomson