Facts on Canadian male television actors

Keanu Reeves

Is a popular film American-Canadian actor most well known for his roles in “The Matrix” trilogy and “Speed”.

10 facts about Keanu Reeves

Michael J. Fox

Is a Canadian American actor, producer, voice over artist and activist.

10 facts about Michael J. Fox

Donald Sutherland

Is a highly acclaimed Canadian Hollywood actor.

10 facts about Donald Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland

Born on December 21 1966, he is a Canadian actor, director and producer.

10 facts about Kiefer Sutherland

Jim Carrey

is a Canadian American actor, comedian, and producer

10 facts about Jim Carrey

Leslie Nielsen

Was a much loved Canadian American actor and comedian.

10 facts about Leslie Nielsen

Ryan Gosling

Is a Canadian actor, director, producer, writer, musician and restaurant owner.

10 facts about Ryan Gosling

Ellen Page

Is a popular Canadian actress who was born on 21 February 1987.

10 facts about Ellen Page