Ten fun facts about William Buckland

Fact 1
In 1827, Captain Beechey named the "Buckland Island", in the Bonin Islands, after him.

Fact 2
He received a ministry scholarship in 1801 and became an ordained priest.

Fact 3
He became a member of the Royal Society in 1818.

Fact 4
The Royal Society awarded him the Copley Medal for his research of Kirkland Cave, which was used to possibly reconstruct the Earth's past.

Fact 5
Geology helped influence Buckland's views, as he realized that the story of Noah and the flood could not be confirmed.

Fact 6
He married a fellow collector of fossils and they spent their honeymoon touring Europe alongside other geologists.

Fact 7
Although he and his wife had 9 children, only 5 survived to be adults.

Fact 8
In 1823 he discovered a skeleton, which he thought may have been a local prostitute. He named her the "Red Lady of Paviland".

Fact 9
He was an advocate for Darwin's paper on earthworms in soil formation, recommending it to be published.

Fact 10
After dying of tuberculosis, the place for his suggested burial ended up having Jurassic limestone below it. They used explosives to excavate it.

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Short about William Buckland
An English theologian, paleontologist and geologist.

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