Ten fun facts about Thomas Willis

Fact 1
Willis was one of the founding members of the Royal Society.

Fact 2
He had 9 children in his first marriage but only four survived. He had no children in his second marriage.

Fact 3
He graduated from the Christ Church in Oxford with a Master of Arts.

Fact 4
His first wife's brother, John Fell, later became his biographer.

Fact 5
In 1660, he became the chair of the Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford. He held that position until he died.

Fact 6
He had a successful medical practice, but could not relieve the ailments of one of his patients. He had an affair with her though.

Fact 7
Willis numbered the cranial nerves first. They are still numbered in that order today.

Fact 8
Although his work in "Cerebri anatome" coined the term neurology, Willis gives credit to Christopher Wren, Thomas Millington and Richard Lower.

Fact 9
He is often considered the founder of neurology or the father of neuroscience.

Fact 10
His loyalty to King Charles I while serving him in the Civil War earned him a medical degree, even though he had only completed 7 of the 14 years required.

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Short about Thomas Willis
An English doctor.

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