Ten fun facts about Robert Bunsen

Fact 1
His birthday is often disputed, though sources believe it is March 30 rather than March 31, since there is a parish register for him.

Fact 2
He earned his Ph.D. in chemistry at the University of Gottingen in 1830.

Fact 3
After he retired, he continued to work but changed his fields into geology and mineralogy.

Fact 4
Still used today for arsenic poisoning, he discovered the use of iron oxide hydrate.

Fact 5
In 1836 he accepted an associate professorship at the University of Marburg and became a full professor in 1841.

Fact 6
He created the Bunsen cell battery. This battery used carbon electrode instead of platinum electrode.

Fact 7
Using electrolysis to produce pure metals, he and his assistant needed a gas burner with a very hot flame, which they developed in 1855. This is called the Bunsen burner.

Fact 8
He is also credited with inventing a prototype spectroscope in 1859.

Fact 9
He and Gustav Kirchoff were the first ever to receive the Davy Medal in 1877.

Fact 10
He and Kirchoff also discovered two of the chemical elements: caesium and rubidium.

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Short about Robert Bunsen
A German chemist who developed the Bunsen Burner.

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