Ten fun facts about John Cleese

Fact 1
He was born John Marwood Cleese in Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, UK on October 27, 1939.

Fact 2
His family boasted several insurance salesmen but he was sent away to school so that he would have the best education possible.

Fact 3
He reached the unusual height of six feet by the time he was twelve years old and was often teased and tormented for being so tall.

Fact 4
While he was successful with sports and academics, he enjoyed comedy the most.

Fact 5
He studied and graduated with a law degree from Cambridge but enjoyed being part of the Footlights group where he could write and perform comedy much more.

Fact 6
After graduation he was able to be a writer for the BBC, which he did until he joined the Cambridge Circus.

Fact 7
He was a member of the “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and acted in 4 of the Monty Python sequels.

Fact 8
He acted in the movie ‘A Fish Called Wanda”, a comedy that became a runaway success at the box office. John Cleese has also acted in two Harry Potter movies as well as two James Bond movies.

Fact 9
He co-owns an antique shop in Montecito, CA called Chistine Schell Fine Objects.

Fact 10
He has his own production company and is a known director.

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Short about John Cleese
Is an English actor famous for acting in comedy roles.

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