Ten fun facts about Ford Trucks

Fact 1
Ford Trucks is a segment of full size pickup trucks and is popularly known as the F-Series and also the Force Super Duty.

Fact 2
They have been selling well since the last six decades and the F-150 is the one of its most popular and distinguishable makes.

Fact 3
The F-150 has been the best-selling truck for a period of 37 years and the best-selling automobile for around 24 years in the United States.

Fact 4
The Ford Bonus-Built was the initial F-Series truck and rolled out in the year 1948; this make lasted from 1948 to 1952.

Fact 5
The trucks under this make can be recognized easily by the nameplate with a blue oval backdrop featuring the ‘Ford’ nameplate.

Fact 6
With the second generation transition, the F-1, the F-2 and the F-3 were reincarnated as F-100, F-250 and the F-350 respectively.

Fact 7
The F-Series from the 1980s underwent a significant overhaul of all its design features, this brought about a drastic change in the truck’s appearance and make.

Fact 8
Sue Mead, a female driver, drove the T2 Raptor in the Argentina-Chile Dakar Rally that is held in Buenos Aires and finished first in the Super Production segment.

Fact 9
The 2010 model was christened as the SVT Raptor and was conceptualized and designed as a devoted off-road Ford truck.

Fact 10
The year 2000 saw the advent of special version Harley Davidson Edition F-150.

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Short about Ford Trucks
Is a division of the Ford Motor Company in the United States.

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