Ten fun facts about Daniel Bernoulli

Fact 1
He is particularly remembered for his applications of mathematics to mechanics, especially fluid mechanics, and for his pioneering work in probability and statistics.

Fact 2
In May, 1750 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.

Fact 3
His earliest mathematical work was the Exercitationes (Mathematical Exercises).

Fact 4
His chief work is Hydrodynamica, published in 1738.

Fact 5
His name is commemorated in the Bernoulli principle, a particular example of the conservation of energy.

Fact 6
Daniel Bernoulli was born in Groningen, in the Netherlands, into a family of distinguished mathematicians.

Fact 7
The Bernoulli family came originally from Antwerp, at that time in the Spanish Netherlands, but emigrated to escape the Spanish persecution of the Huguenots.

Fact 8
Daniel was the son of Johann Bernoulli, one of the "early developers" of calculus, nephew of Jakob Bernoulli who "was the first to discover the theory of probability", and older brother of Johann II.

Fact 9
Daniel Bernoulli was described by W. W. Rouse Ball as "by far the ablest of the younger Bernoullis".

Fact 10
He was a contemporary and close friend of Leonhard Euler.

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Short about Daniel Bernoulli
was a Swiss mathematician and physicist and was one of the many prominent mathematicians in the Bernoulli family

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