Ten fun facts about Christopher Eccleston

Fact 1
Christopher Eccleston was born on 16 February 1964, in Pendleton, Lancashire.

Fact 2
He is best known for his role as the 9th incarnation of the Doctor in the hit British TV show Doctor Who.

Fact 3
Christopher Eccleston is the first actor to play the leading character in a \"Doctor Who\" story to have reincarnated after the show first started in November 1963.

Fact 4
He is a vegan and a takes interest in running.

Fact 5
Christopher Eccleston got his drivers license late in January 2004 but is only qualified to drive an automatic car.

Fact 6
Christopher Eccleston first became popular and came to public attention for the role of Derek Bentley in the 1991 film Let Him Have It and an episode of Inspector Morse that also aired in the same year.

Fact 7
He received wide spread recognition in the UK with a role on the TV show Cracker.

Fact 8
He has been cast to play the villainous Malekith in the Thor sequel that will be out in 2013.

Fact 9
Christopher Eccleston turned down a role that was given to him in the Saving Private Ryan directed by Steven Spielberg.

Fact 10
Since the starting of his film career he has done a variety of high profile roles due to which he is famously known. The movies include Jude, Elizabeth, Gone in 60 Seconds and The Others (2001).

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Short about Christopher Eccleston
Is a very well known English actor.

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