Ten fun facts about William Smith

Fact 1
Smith did not receive acknowledgement until 1831. Previously, his work had been plagiarized and he did not receive credit.

Fact 2
A crater on Mars is named after his nephew, John Phillips. He was Smith's apprentice.

Fact 3
The map of Britain is based on Smith's work. His original map is at the Geological Society in London.

Fact 4
His father died when he was just eight years old. He was raised by his uncle.

Fact 5
He drew a map from Snowden to London in 1817, which was plagiarized. He went into debt after being unable to sell his map and went to debtor's prison.

Fact 6
William received an honorary "Doctorate of Laws" from Trinity College in 1835.

Fact 7
He is also known as the "Father of English Geology".

Fact 8
His collection of fossils included Jurassic fossils from canals, railway cuttings and quarries.

Fact 9
Cornbrash, a name used to describe rocks or fossils, was developed by Smith.

Fact 10
While working in Scarborough, he was responsible for the building of the Rotunda, a museum in the United Kingdom.

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Short about William Smith
He was an English geologist who created the first map.

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