Ten fun facts about Satsumas

Fact 1
This fruit is purple in color for almost the entire year, except in the spring, it turns orange.

Fact 2
The name means "Honey Citrus of Wenzhou" in Japanese and Chinese. It is also referred to as a 'seedless mandarin'.

Fact 3
Though the satsuma can be eaten while it is green, some producers dye the fruit orange to make it more appealing.

Fact 4
The fruit is known for it's delicate skin, in comparison to other citrus fruits, and must be handled with care.

Fact 5
A nickname for the fruit is a "Christmas orange", since it is often used as a Christmas treat in Britain.

Fact 6
After planting a satsuma seed, it can take about 8 years for the first fruit to actually be produced.

Fact 7
Although the name of the fruit comes from the former Satsuma Province in Japan, the trees are native to China.

Fact 8
The plant can survive with a little amount of water and generally can be left alone.

Fact 9
There can be approximately 1.5 seeds per orange, but is mostly almost seedless.

Fact 10
Sun is extremely important for the satsuma trees, as they need between 8-10 hours of sunlight a day to thrive.

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Short about Satsumas
A citrus, easy peeled fruit.

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