Ten fun facts about Reese Witherspoon

Fact 1
Reese Witherspoon has always claimed that she realized she loved acting since she was 7 years old after she modeled for a flower shop advertisement for her parents’ friends.

Fact 2
Reese’s mother holds a Ph.D. in pediatric nursing while her father is a surgeon.

Fact 3
She answered an open-casting call for extras in the film “The Man in the Moon”. What’s mentionable is that she landed the lead role. This was her film debut.

Fact 4
Reese was 14 years of age when “The Man in the Moon” was shot. Her character was of the same age.

Fact 5
Prior to graduating from high school, she acted in a few films and went on a sabbatical. She went on to study at Stanford and was also a Gamma Phi Beta sorority member.

Fact 6
Witherspoon took singing classes for six months before playing the role of June Carter Cash in “Walk the Line”. Her efforts paid-off in the form of an Oscar.

Fact 7
Reese has two bulldogs. One named Coco Chanel and the other, Frank Sinatra. Frank had appeared in her movie-“Legally Blonde”.

Fact 8
She says that she is directly related to a “Declaration of Independence” signer, John Witherspoon. At one point, John was also the president of Princeton University.

Fact 9
Reese acted in four movies that bore the names of songs- 'Sweet Home Alabama', 'Jack the Bear', 'Walk the Line' and 'Just Like Heaven'.

Fact 10
Witherspoon’s production company is named “Type A Films”. Her mother had nicknamed her "Type A" when she was a child and the name of the company has been derived from it.

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Short about Reese Witherspoon
Is an American actress, film and television producer.

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