Ten fun facts about Pierre Curie

Fact 1
He won the Nobel Prize with his wife, Marie Curie and Henri Becquerel in 1903.

Fact 2
In 1906, he died from his skull being crushed by a cart run by horses. He fell underneath it while crossing the street.

Fact 3
He also won the Davy medal in 1903 and the Matteucci Medal in 1904.

Fact 4
At the age of 16, he receive his degree in mathematics.

Fact 5
Although he had the ability to obtain his doctorate degree at the age of 18, he could not be he did not have any money.

Fact 6
He and his brother founded the Piezoelectric Quartz Electrometer, which involved crystals generating electric potential.

Fact 7
He married his wife Marie in 1895, even though she initially denied his advances. He liked her because she was so passionate about science.

Fact 8
Marie and Pierre were the first to coin the term radioactivity after studies of isolating polonium and radium.

Fact 9
The Radiology Congress also named a unit of radioactivity after, possibly both Pierre and Marie, called the curie.

Fact 10
Both Pierre and Marie were enshrined in a crypt together. They lay in Pantheon in Paris.

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Short about Pierre Curie
A French physicist and husband of Marie Curie.

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