Ten fun facts about Peugeot

Fact 1
The company is headquartered in De La Grande Armee, Paris, while the operational headquarters base is in Sochaux, France.

Fact 2
Peugeot is a subordinate of the second biggest European automobile manufacturer PSA Peugeot Citroen.

Fact 3
The business of the owners of Peugeot used to be mainly the manufacture of bicycles and coffee mils back in 1810.

Fact 4
Peugeot is the proud sponsor of the Sochaux football club; interestingly the club was founded by a Peugeot family member.

Fact 5
Philippe Varin is the Chief Executive Officer with Jean-Pierre Ploue as his Head of Design.

Fact 6
The famed Peugeot and one of Peugeotís biggest operational manufacturing plant is located in Sochaux.

Fact 7
Peugeot took up military vehicle and arms manufacturing and production during the time of the First World War.

Fact 8
The immensely liked and fruitful Peugeot 205 is credited with having given the car companyís sales a huge boost.

Fact 9
The car company is noted to give engines to McLaren, Jordan, Prost and other Formula One teams.

Fact 10
The Peugeot 508 was honoured with the 2012 Portugal Car of the Year award.

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Short about Peugeot
Is an automobile brand that is based in France, is known to provide its cars to the rest of Europe.

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