Ten fun facts about Juliette Binoche

Fact 1
Juliette Binoche was first was spotted working in Paris onstage in the 1970s and continued up the ladder in the next decade with some roles in French television.

Fact 2
Juliette was awarded with the Romy-Scheneider Prize in the year 1986 and was lauded for her acting skills and technique.

Fact 3
“The Widow of Saint-Pierre” of 2001 with its strong themes of redemptions is considered to be one of her best works.

Fact 4
Juliette Binoche was born in Paris in 1964 and her ancestry is a blend of Polish and French regions.

Fact 5
She comes from an artistic family but her parents were divorced early, this saw her have some trouble in school.

Fact 6
Joining theater in her youth was her own way of trying to reach out and have a new and identifiable family amongst her kind of people.

Fact 7
She was offered with an unusually high number of offers after she had trained well at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Paris and she decided to leave schooling to focus only on acting.

Fact 8
“Raendez-vous” in the year 1985 won at the Cannes Film Festival as the Best Direction, Juliette received acclaim for her role in the this award winning movies.

Fact 9
She gained immense popularity after her role in the hit movie “Chocolat” with superstar Johnny Depp on the year 2000 and received nominations for numerous awards.

Fact 10
Juliette Binoche has a complex personal life with her still being unmarried as she believes she has still not met the right match.

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Short about Juliette Binoche
Is a French actress known for her career in theater, television and films.

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