Facts on Actresses from Paris

Juliette Binoche

Is a French actress known for her career in theater, television and films.

10 facts about Juliette Binoche

Natalie Portman

Is an American actress known for her work as a child-actor and also as a talented performer in challenging roles.

10 facts about Natalie Portman

Catherine Deneuve

Is a French actress known for her rich body of work in French and English cinema

10 facts about Catherine Deneuve

Marion Cotillard

Is a French actress who also acts in Hollywood films.

10 facts about Marion Cotillard

Julie Delpy

Is an actress, screenwriter, director and singer-songwriter of French and American descent.

10 facts about Julie Delpy

Charlotte Rampling

Is an English actress who has also worked in Italian and French cinema.

10 facts about Charlotte Rampling

Emmanuelle Seigner

is a French actress, former fashion model, and singer

10 facts about Emmanuelle Seigner

Julie Dreyfus

Is a French actress.

10 facts about Julie Dreyfus

Emma Watson

An English actress who played the memorable Hermione in the Harry Potter series.

10 facts about Emma Watson