Ten fun facts about Ingrid Bergman

Fact 1
In 1939 Ingrid acted in her first American film, “Intermezzo”. She played the role of Anita Hoffman opposite Leslie Howard.

Fact 2
Bergman played Joan of Arc in the Broadway production, “Joan of Lorraine”, in 1946. She received critical acclaim for the role that was to be one of her best ever.

Fact 3
For the first 5 years post her marriage to Rossellini, he did not permit Bergman to work with anyone else. Finally in 1955, he allowed her to act in French director, Jean Renoir’s film- “Elena et les homes” (Paris Does Strange Things)

Fact 4
In 1956, Ingrid returned to Hollywood. She acted in “Anastasia” in the lead role and ended up winning an Academy award for it.

Fact 5
Her first daughter was named PIA- it was an acronym of Peter(her husband), Ingrid Always.

Fact 6
She acted with one of her twin daughters’ Isabella in “Matter of Time” in 1976.

Fact 7
Not only was she a talented actress, but was a multi-lingual as well. Ingrid acted in 5 different languages- Swedish, English, French, German and Italian.

Fact 8
In 1967, for the first time in twenty-one years, she appeared on the American stage in “More Stately Mansions”.

Fact 9
The last movie she acted in was the 1978 film, “Autumn Sonata”, for which she won the best actress Academy Award.

Fact 10
Ingrid Bergman's last television role was in 1982. She played Golda Meir, the Israeli prime minister, in a mini-series “A Woman Called Golda” all through the filming, she was seriously ill but played the part to perfection.

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Short about Ingrid Bergman
Was a Swedish actress who acted in numerous American and European films.

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