Ten fun facts about Grand Theft Auto

Fact 1
Grand Theft Auto games have featured voices such as Ray Liotta, Samuel L. Jackson and Burt Reynolds.

Fact 2
The third installment of GTA was the first to feature an aircraft. It is said to be extremely difficult to control.

Fact 3
In 2003, the families of two victims who's deaths were to be 'inspired' by GTA 3 filed a case against Rockstar Games and other companies, but lost.

Fact 4
The Grand Theft Auto series has broken several records. It was featured in The Guinness Word Records 2009 Gamer's Edition holding to be the most successful game for PlayStation 2.

Fact 5
The games, as a series, have sold over 150 million copies worldwide.

Fact 6
In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there is a code enabling players to allow a sexual mini-game. It lets the player engage in sexual activities with the characters.

Fact 7
GTA 3 also allowed voice-acting unlike the previous games, where speech was only active in short animated cut-scenes.

Fact 8
In the 4th version of GTA, there is a multi-player option. This allows up to 16 players on LAN mode.

Fact 9
The game was also said to have taught a 6 year old boy how to drive in 2009 after he stole the family vehicle and drove it for ten miles. He crashed the car.

Fact 10
Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned, included in an expansion pack, features a full-frontal nudity shot exposing a man's genitals.

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Short about Grand Theft Auto
A video game based on motor auto theft based on role-playing and published by Rockstar Games.

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