Ten fun facts about Apricots

Fact 1
The Chinese called apricots the 'moons of the faithful'. They were thought to have abilities to enhance fertility in women.

Fact 2
Because apricots contain the mineral zinc, it is said that consuming them can sharpen your thinking by 15%.

Fact 3
In Europe, apricots were often considered an aphrodisiac while in China, the apricot kernel was used in Chinese medicine.

Fact 4
Greek myth implies that apricots are the 'golden apples', or the fruit Hercules was to pick for his 11 of 12 labors.

Fact 5
Apricots may be considered the most nutritious of the fruits, as they contain less than 20 calories a piece and are almost entirely fat free.

Fact 6
Although the season to harvest apricots is from May to August, National Apricot Day is January 9th.

Fact 7
These fruits are high in fiber. They are sometimes used to relieve constipation or to induce diarrhea.

Fact 8
They come from the same family or group called 'stone fruits', similar to cherries, plums and nectarines. They all contain an inedible seed in their center.

Fact 9
The potassium in apricots can help regulate blood pressure as well as keep your cholesterol levels normal and prevent heart disease.

Fact 10
In the United States, California is the leading producer of apricots but in the world, Turkey is number one.

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Short about Apricots
A fruit that comes from an apricot tree.

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