Ten fun facts about Angelina Jolie

Fact 1
"Lookin' to Get Out" was Angelina’s first film. She acted in it when she was six years old where she co-starred with her father.

Fact 2
As a child, Angelina Jolie wanted to become an undertaker and studied embalming.

Fact 3
Angelina has several hobbies and one of them is collecting a variety of knives. She is also a collector of first-edition books.

Fact 4
A bundle of contradictions, while she was growing-up, Jolie listened to a lot of punk rock and took ballroom-dancing lessons as well.

Fact 5
Angelina has confessed that she dislikes being hugged. She said that she never liked anyone hugging her even as a child, not even her mother.

Fact 6
In 1997 Angelina married Jonny Lee Miller, her 'Hackers' co-star. Her wedding attire was a white top with Millers name scribbled in her blood to and black leather pants.

Fact 7
Later she married Billy Bob Thornton in a Las Vegas ceremony that cost a princely amount of $189. In 2001, Jolie and Thornton signed their respective wills in blood.

Fact 8
In 2007, Jolie beat her partner Brad Pitt to being called the sexiest person in history.

Fact 9
Angelina started suffering from depression in the early 1900’s and cut herself several times. In 2004, she told Allure that she felt that there was no way that she could bond with another human being.

Fact 10
Angelina is a licensed pilot.

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Short about Angelina Jolie
Is an American actress, screenwriter and film director.

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